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We opened for business in 2005. Since then we’ve grown into a consultancy of talented, considerate and insightful operators. We have twenty permanent colleagues and a dynamic network of at any one time, around fifty talented freelance copywriters, contributors, camera people, photographers, developers, app builders etc.

Our work is dominated by the disciplines of search engine optimisation and social media optimisation. This manifests itself as detailed analysis of communities, authorities, user journeys and target conversion stages.

We work with some major advertisers in the retail, financial and automotive sectors amongst others. We have a variety of case studies for different aspects of our work and different sectors that we are really proud of, many of which are published in the blog section above. We publish white papers in the sectors we have researched  and usually operational experience to bring to the insight.

We’re always glad to have a coffee with a marketeer who has a problem to solve or a hypothesis to prove, so please get in touch at 020 7060 7010.

Our services

Our core digital marketing disciplines are in the channels that require search engine optimisation and social media optimisation.

Of course, those channels don’t operate in isolation, so it’s just as important to profile the audience, understand who they are, what they are interested in, where their conversation is online as in any other marketing discipline. Equally, it is critical in our opinion, to think through the user journey before deciding the critical conversion points of the journey and hence the KPIs for any campaign or ongoing movement of the audience.

We operate in a variety of vertical markets. We have strong experience in automotive, retail, financial services and FMCG

Delivering the right traffic

Profiling the target audience allows us to monitor their conversations online. What the audience says and often, more importantly doesn’t say online, indicates how the purchase intent, browse and research taxonomies can be exploited. From here we can deliver the right traffic to the right content and optimise the budget investment. Link profiling in relation to the appropriate content and the authority competitors is a critical and core part of our methodology. Increasingly, as Google revises it’s algorithms more rapidly, the creativity in the content planning is everything!

Demand response & creation

Again, profiling the existing and target audiences enables us to firstly, identify how to respond to demand that exists already in the social media channels, for instance customer services requests. We’d expect to map out the conversations and hence the key influencers to monitor their preferences for sharing and connecting. Secondly, we can creatively plan the content to stimulate demand and gain brands an authority to participate in a conversation.

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